Monday, September 9, 2013

TTC after miscarriage ~Cerclage

Assalammualaikum..alhamdulillah masih diberi semangat oleh Allah utk teruskn usaha eda mem'blog' nih..

Sejak lepaa musim raya, eda dan hubby kembali serius utk ber'ttc' kembali. InsyaAllah.. TTC??? Ape kebendenye kn la tuh ye...TTC means 'Trying To Conceive'. Makna dlm bhs kita, cuba utk mendapat bby lagi.

Disebabkan eda pernah mengalami kehilangan kedua2 putera tercinta due to probably incompetent cervix (servik lemah), jadi eda telah diberi peringatan awal2 oleh OB eda unruk mwrancang betui2 sebelum ttc. Kenapa OB eda ckp probably, sbb eda baru 1st time pregnance dan twins plk tuh. mmg keguguran utk 1st time masih normal. MELAINKAN eda sdh keguguran lebih dr 1, mungkin OB akan cek cervix eda.huhu.. so scary rite bunyinye..

Jadi option yg eda ade adelah cerclage if eda preggy lg. Cerclage ni blh ck mcm doctor wat jahitan sembat la kat cervix eda pada minggu ke 16. Tujuan utk elak pintu rahim eda terbuka lagi.

Jadi, dalam sebulan yg lepas, puas eda menuntut dgn nih baik buruk wat cerclage..  tapi lagi byk eda bc,lg tension plk jadinya.. Mahunye tak, rupanya masih ada harapan untuk bby servive if wat cerclage pd stage eda: cervix dilated 4cm bulging sacs (pintu rahim twrbuka 4cm dan ade bonjolan kantung bby di pintu rahim.

Tapi xpela, waktu tuh kami 1st time.eda x wat persediaan ilmu pape pun utk emergency cmni kn.yg kami tahu dan percaya waktu tuh, doc akan wat yg terbaik utk selamatkan bby2.. Tak terfikir plk samada hospital tuh mungkin xde kepakaran dlm cerclage2.. kalau mrk x yakin, kita blh dptkan pandangan dr hospital lain kn..ermmm...tula dinamakan pengalaman mengajar kita erti kehidupan..T_T..

Ok la..di bawah eda copy paate dr beberapa group yg eda join utk problem eda nih. Sebenarnya masih ada harapan walopun mungkin ia senipis rambut. Tp at least kita cuba sebaik mungkin.


Cara cerclage dilakukan.

Servik yg terbuka dan terdapat bonjolan kantung baby.


This exact same thing happened to me at almost the same stage.  I disagree with those who paint such a grim picture.  If your friend has a skilled, competent perinatologist (not just an OB), her chances are even better. I am pregnant with twins, as well. At 19 weeks my cervix was closed and 3.2cm.  At 21 wks 5 days, it was 1.8cm, I was 1cm dilated on the internal side of the cervix, and Baby A's membrane was bulging through.  I was terrifed, but my peri remained very calm, and assured me things would be ok.  He immediately scheduled me for a rescue cerclage, which I had done at 22 wks.  The day of the procedure, he told me we definitely did the right thing, as he could see Baby A's sac thru my cervix as he did the procedure.  I was terrified we were losing the babies, and the procedure would fail.  I was on home bedrest for the next few weeks.  I am now almost 29 weeks, and my cervix is holding strong at 3cm, and hasn't changed much over the last month.  No dilating, no funneling, no bulging membranes.  We are so thankful to have made it this far.  Rescue cerclages are more risky, but if your friend has an excellent dr who is experienced at them, her chances are good.  I hope she'll consider finding a peri who would do the procedure, instead of waiting it out in the hospital to see what happens.  There are risks, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Some peri's will even do cerclages up to 24 wks (mine would have).


Here is my story. I had an early miscarriage in January @ 6 weeks. It happened naturally. I now see my regular obgyn and an mfm because of prior pulmonary embolisms. I am currently 21weeks 2 days-pregnancy has had no complications up until my 20 wk anatomy scan where my cervix was funneling measuring between 2.2 and 1.17. I was told it was too late for a cerclage- that the risks at this point outweigh the benefits. I was sent home with progesterone cream and told to keep my feet up.  I went on home br and was told to come back in 2 weeks. 3 days later I had very very thick discharge and went in to see Obgyn. She checked with speculum and saw bulging sac! I went to hospital where I stayed up until 21+1. They again said cerclage would be no good because I am 100% effaced 2-3cm dilated. Was sent home after preliminarily results of amnio showed no infection. I am home on bedrest now although the doctor at hospital just told me to "take it easy". @ 23weeks I am to go back to the hospital to take steroid shot and most likely stay for duration of my pregnancy. The sense I am getting from all of the doctors is that I will not make it to viability. This has been a crazy whirlwind. My baby is still healthy and I will do whatever I can to keep him/her in for as long as possible!  I just started feeling definite (yet sporadic) movement this week which is awesome.  It it bittersweet joining this forum but I hope to be here for a long time. Hi ladies!


Have you gotten a second opinion about the cerclage?  Some doctors will do it even now and with bulging membranes.  They just put you on a table and tilt you upside down during the surgery.  It's definitely something to consider!You should also ask about starting 17p shots immediately.  I swear they really help.Bulging membranes are a pretty dicey sitation, but there are lots of stories of hope on here.  When my MFM saw me the weeek after my cerclage, I could tell she was shocked and didn't think I would make it to 24 weeks (I was at 20).  I'm now at 27+1 doing so well that they've relaxed my bed rest quite a bit.  In a few days when I get to 28, they said I could relax even more (not sure if I will but the hope is nice :)).Best of luck!  Welcome to the forum :)--~ AzureSky
The end

*Bila tgk blk gmbr atas, situasi eda kantung yg terdapat kaki baby A sudah berada di laluan serviks. Bila OB scan nmp jelas kaki abglong Adam berada dilaluan sedang melonjak2. Seolah2 dia nak naik ke atas semula.. Allah..Hanya Allah shj yg tahu perasaan kami ketika itu..


ainie M. said...

Salam aida..saya jgk keguguran june 2015 due to incompetent serviks.boleh share tak u punya experienc. .im trying to conceive on this year tp sgt trauma dgn apa yg jd...

AJ AidaJohari said...

Wsalam ainie. Maaf baru perasan ade komen 😁 kalau ainie nk tau details psl keguguran eda blk click link pregnancy kt kanan blod eda ni. Eda ade kongsi pengalaman di situ. Mmg eda fhm perasaan trauma tuh. Tp alhamdulillah suami sgt2 mbantu. Mmg sokongan dorg amat kita perlukan Wat ms skrg. Selain drpd byk2 bdoa kpd Allah berikan kita kekuatan. InshaAllah anak syurga itu akan tunggu kita di dpn pintu syurga.

Ainie baru 1st time preg ke??? berapa bulan gugur?

Kalau betul incom serv next pregn mngkin doc akan sarankan ainie buat cerclage. Tp masalah kt hosp gomen ni syarat nk wat cerclage msti dh 3x gugur. Erm tp kalau dpt detect awal sblm jln dh buka byk, doc blh ceeclage last minit. eda dlu bile dpt tau syarat cmtu suami buat simpanan kot2 nk buat kt private. Alhamdulillah.. sume cite ni eda ade kongsi di pregnancy or 1st cerclage. Ainie baca lah. Eda dlu pun dpt sokongan dr kwn blog gak waktu cerclage 😁

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