Monday, October 29, 2012

Hepi besday sayang ♥

Happy birthday to da best hasben in da world,
i feel so blessed to have found true love in your arms,
i feel so proud to call you my hasben,
You've given me everything i've always asked for,
- lots of love, da best house, da best clothes, da best holidays, da best life,
and da best kids in future insyaAllah,
you're da reason my life is worth living,
you're da reason everyday is worth waking up to,
you're da reason the sun shines on me every mornig,
you're da reason i want to celebrate every single day of our lives,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday sayang,
May u get everything you deserved, hoped and wished for..
I love you so much sayang..♥♥♥